"The Other Lays of Beleriand" by Aiwen

Click a chapter to listen to or download an MP3 recording of that chapter.

The Lay of the Nargothrond Sewers (4:06, 3.76 MB)

The Cautionary Tale of Glorfindel's Hair (2:32, 2.33 MB)

Sauron's Lament (1:26, 1.32 MB)

Gondolin Is Gone (1:09, 1.05 MB)

Morgoth the Craven Raven (1:26, 1.32 MB)

The Laundry Orc's Lament (3:02, 2.78 MB)

Bring the Dawn! (1:33, 1.42 MB)

The Harp and Other Poems (1:36, 1.48 MB)

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