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Reference Sections


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The Tolkienian War on Science by Dr. Joan Bushwell. Biochemist and long-time Tolkien fan, Doc Bushwell argues that the events and ideas expressed in Tolkien's works often express a strong disdain for science and technology.

Critiquing and Reviewing Fiction

How to Review by Juno Magic. This comprehensive essay discusses how to write balanced and effective fiction critiques with a special emphasis on Tolkien fan fiction.

Fandom and Online Life

The Perfect Girl by Nikara. An analysis of the fan fiction phenomenon of "Mary Sue" and readers' reactions to this controversial fanfic archetype.

The World of Arda

Silmarillion Chapter Summaries by Dawn Felagund. Designed as a resource for leading readings of The Silmarillion, the chapter summaries are also a nice review for those returning to unfamiliar sections of the book or who would like guidance while reading it for the first time.

Additional Resources

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