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What is the allure of the Fëanorians?

No other characters command the attention, inspiration, and imagination of the Silmarillion community the way that the Fëanorians do. They dominate the story archives and art galleries. Rarely are discussions more passionate than when they involve the Fëanorians. Yet despite the multitudes of stories, poems, and pictures out there, it still feels like there's more to be done, like the intrigue behind the House of Fëanor is still worth exploring.

In July 2007, the Silmarillion Writers' Guild has decided to honor the House of Fëanor. While we think that their influence on the history of Middle-earth alone makes them worthy of their own month, it is in recognition of their creative influence on the Tolkien fan community that we pursued the Seven in '07 project. More than two dozen authors and artists have sent us their finest work to illustrate the history of the House of Fëanor, and their combined efforts represent many thousands of hours spent in front of a computer or with pencil and paper, trying to capture in images and words what about the House of Fëanor has captivated the hearts and minds of so many Tolkien fans. And perhaps what is most amazing of all is that what is presented here is only the barest sampling of the creativity that exists on the Internet that is inspired by the House of Fëanor.

For each day during the first week of July, we will unveil a new character profile illustrated by the stories, poems, and images sent to us by fans of the Fëanorians. And we hope that it won't end there, that the whole of July will see new works created as well as rediscovery of the old. Journey light: but bring with you your pen or paintbrush, open eyes and open minds! For we will go to Himring and Formenos and as far as the halls of Mandos as we honor the creative achievements of the Silmarillion fan community and the characters that inspire them.

Celebrimbor by Breogán
"Celebrimbor" by Breogán (View full size.).

31.07.07. Celebrimbor.
Throughout the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, even the dark and dismal eventually lead to joy and freedom. Through Celebrimbor, the Fëanorians at last realize what they'd hoped to accomplish in Middle-earth: freedom from and defeat of the dark forces that sought to enthrall the free peoples. Yet Celebrimbor too suffered for this realization, and his story is not one without peril. Read more...

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Nerdanel by Marie Bebe
"Nerdanel" by Marie Bebe (View full size.).

30.07.07. Nerdanel.
Most often identified only as "the wife of Fëanor," Nerdanel is a fascinating and influential character in her own right. Known for her wisdom and patience as well as loyalty in the face of rebellion, though Nerdanel never set foot in Middle-earth, her influence over its history resounds through the ages.Read more...

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Fëanor by Alena Skutchanova
"Fëanor" by Alena Skutchanova. (View full size.)

07.07.07. Fëanor.
Called "the greatest of the Noldor," Fëanor is subject to a strong love-hate dichotomy among the fans of J.R.R. Tolkien's works. Yet no matter what one's opinion about him as an individual and grievous as were his deeds, without Fëanor, the events of the Third Age that freed the people of Middle-earth from thralldom would not have been possible. Fëanor stands as a shining example of a fall from light to darkness but also--as said in Ainulindalë--how even the darkest deeds eventually bring good returns.

It is in recognition of this, in recognition of the wisdom, creativity, and joy that studying the House of Fëanor has brought to hundreds of authors and artists, that we honor him this month. Read more...

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Sons of Fëanor - Amrod and Amras by Breogán
"Sons of Fëanor - Amrod and Amras" by Breogán. (View full size.)

06.07.07. Amrod & Amras.
The twin sons of Fëanor have always possessed a unique allure for fan-writers and -artists that seems to defy their relatively small role in the published Silmarillion. But a closer study of their history and the development of their characters reveals some intriguing twists and ideas that show the heavy price paid by the House of Fëanor in pursuit of their quest. Read more...

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Cuddling Celebrimbor by Noliel
"Cuddling Celebrimbor" by Noliel. (View full size.)

05.07.07. Curufin.
Said to be like his father in mood, appearance, and skills, it is no surprise that Curufin is portrayed as the most villainous of the brothers. But he wasn't always that way, and his history reveals a character for whom the epithet "the crafty" did not necessarily deserve the negative connotation that it would come to receive. From friend to traitor, father to kinslayer, Curufin exemplifies the tragic hold of the Silmarils on the lives of their pursuers. Read more...

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Moryo by Oloriel
"Moryo" by Oloriel. (View full size.)

04.07.07. Caranthir.
Called the "harshest of the brothers" and known for his temper, Caranthir is a character seemingly easy to overlook. But he is also to credit for forging a relationship with both Dwarves and Men, promoting allegiances that could have saved the people of Beleriand. Like his brothers, though, Caranthir's deeds were always shadowed by his oath, and even his best deeds were ruined in the end by treachery. Read more...

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Celegorm by Kasiopea
"Celegorm" by Kasiopea. (View full size.)

03.07.07. Celegorm.
Celegorm is often a convenient villain in The Silmarillion but a closer look at his character shows him to be more complex than such black-and-white portrayals suggest. Once a loyal follower of Oromë, a lover of the natural world, and a passionate speaker after his father, Celegorm exemplifies that tragic fall of a character destined for great things and brought low by the pursuit of vengeance. Read more...

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Maglor by Silidir
"Maglor" by Silidir.

02.07.07. Maglor.
Often portrayed by fans as the gentlest of the brothers--and certainly the most repentant--Maglor was known for his singing voice and skill with music. Nonetheless, in taking his father's oath, his hands and mind were turned from constructing things of beauty into making war. A brave warrior and a soulful poet, the conflicting natures of the second son of Fëanor captivate fans like no other. Read more...

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Maedhros by Sirielle
"Maedhros" by Sirielle. (View full size.)

01.07.07. Maedhros.
The eldest son of Fëanor, few Silmarillion characters command the hearts of fans the way that Maedhros does. One of the chief architects of unity and peace among the Noldor, he was nonetheless haunted by an oath that constantly turned his greatest deeds to grievous ends: great beauty marred by evil, allegiance thwarted by treachery, and a hero turned kinslayer in the pursuit of the impossible. Read more...

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