The Silmarillion Writers' Guild :: Seven in '07, A Tribute to the Creativity Inspired by the House of Fëanor

First and foremost, the success of Seven in '07 belongs to the artists and authors who contributed their work to the project. The depth and breadth of talent in this community never failed to amaze me as I found new submissions every day in my inbox. And I really didn't allow a lot of time--just ten days--yet the response was overwhelming. I can only hope that the final project does justice to the talents of our contibutors.

A special thanks goes out to Oshun, Sirielle, and Rhapsody, who somehow ended up serving as project promoters, beta readers, messengers, copy editors, design consultants, project cheerleaders, and anything and everything else that I needed in the three crazy weeks of planning and executing this project. I don't think that any of them actually signed on for this, yet Seven in '07 would not have taken shape without them. Likewise, I am grateful to the SWG members who helped get the word out and whose immediate show of support was more than welcome at a stressful and chaotic time in my life.

Finally, thanks to my little sister Sharon, who uploaded new pages every day for me while I was without Internet and moving into my new house, and Tárion Anaróre, who saw that all of the announcements were posted to all of the relevant groups.

May the muses smile upon you,
Dawn Felagund
SWG Owner/Moderator