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Of Linguistic Preferences

by Robinka

“Class!” The teacher clapped her hands to quiet the group of younglings. “I have something of great importance to tell you! By the order of our king, we no longer learn the language of Quenya for it has been banned from our kingdom.”

The children let out a collective “oohhhh”, so she gestured for them to be calm. “Instead of that, we will have more lessons in music, art, and history”.

While the class “aawwed”, Miniel quickly kicked her sister in the ankle under the desk to get her attention. “Good!” she whispered. “Beleg says Quenya has a pesky cojungation!”

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About the Author

A lifelong president of the fanclub of Beleg Cúthalion, Robinka (also known as Binka) has a healthy dose of admiration for the Grey Folk of Doriath, but approaches the Noldor with reverence. She is a proud owner of a T-shirt with the caption: "Beleg lives! I don't care what Túrin says". Binka lives in Poland with her husband and a rescued dog. Her path in the fandom is rocky, but nothing short of adventurous.

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