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Beyond the Cirith Thoronath

by Robinka

Beyond the Cirith Thoronath, Artwork by Robinka

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Creator's Notes

Crayons, a bit of editing, and pen (handwriting). Thank yous, as ever, to Hrymfaxe, for being awesome. In the haiku, there is also a nod to Viv and her story Red Dawn, Golden Flower.

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About the Artist and Author

A lifelong president of the fanclub of Beleg Cúthalion, Robinka (also known as Binka) has a healthy dose of admiration for the Grey Folk of Doriath, but approaches the Noldor with reverence. She is a proud owner of a T-shirt with the caption: "Beleg lives! I don't care what Túrin says". Binka lives in Poland with her husband and a rescued dog. Her path in the fandom is rocky, but nothing short of adventurous.

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