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The Creation of the Silmarils

by amyfortuna

The Light before all light, the Imperishable Flame,
Forth from the Void it came before the Count of Years
And at the heart of Arda settled, spilling bright
To form lands and to form me and to form Trees.
From those Trees I take a portion of their light
And of myself a portion too: the fire that is my name.

Silma my secret vessels shall be their name,
My Silmarils, forged of light and soul and flame,
Long shall they be sung of down the endless years
Strong shall be their call and their lustre bright,
Half my soul inside them intermixed with Trees,
What dwells within is half elven, half divine light.

To break these gems I make would break my light,
Would scatter me to pieces, shred my name,
Would turn me helpless into helpless flame,
Would burn my soul to ashes through the years,
Would render me to nothing but a spark so bright
That the fire inside me would outshine the Trees.

Briefly for a moment would I outshine the Trees
And then fade to nothing, dying light
To darkness turned, soul vanishing, erasing my name,
Burning, ever burning, in a void of endless flame.
To what I have made I shall cling for countless years,
Look at them, my beloved ones, they shine so bright!

Shine! Mind, heart, and soul, made visible, made bright
You are the mingling of my heart with the light of the Trees.
You are my star, you are the earth's jewel, you are the sea's light
You are the song ringing down the years that shall carry my name
You are Imperishable Flame mixed with Imperishable Flame,
You are the Voice, the Memory, the Hope singing through the years.

Far Ages hence you shall be shining, no matter the years,
Songs of you will be sung in times far distant, ages bright,
Over Middle-earth sent you will be, heart of the Trees,
As wars rage, kingdoms fall, and all fades, you will be a light
Ever-present, eternal, you are the memory of my name
You are Fëanáro's heart, you are the keeper of my flame.

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About the Author

Amyfortuna has been writing Silmarillion fic for untold years, but especially recently. Their work can be found on AO3: amyfortuna, and they can be found on Tumblr @edgeoflight.

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