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Tolkien Femslash Week Bingo: July 15-24, 2016

In a joint effort to celebrate the erstwhile International Day of Femslash in mid-July, The Silmarillion Writers’ Guild and Silmladylove have joined together to play a week-long bingo game involving the women of the entire Legendarium in love and lust.

Winner and Participant Banners:

Tolkien Femslash Week has concluded, and the following cards have achieved BINGO:

B9: Abstract Style, I15: Restricted Palette, G31: Lineless Art, O37: Hand Study

Book Titles
B5: Her Name in the Sky, I15: Sing You Home, N22: Fall on Your Knees, G32: The Dark Wife, O44: Waiting in the Wings

Clichés, Fluff and TLC
B7: Candlelight, I12: Flowers, G33: Betrothals, O42: Insomnia

B8: from the LotR Movies, I15: from the Silmarillion, G31: from other sources, O37: from the Hobbit movies
and B8: from the LotR Movies, I17: Negative Space, N27: Pastel Colours, G36: 540x255px x3, O43: A Tolkien Quote

Lyrics and Poetry
O37:Bring wings to the weak and bring grace to the strong / May all evil stumble as it flies in the world - Janelle Monáe
O41: I sing for love, I sing for me, I’ll shout it out like a bird set free - Sia
O42: You were the first person on Earth - Tracy Chapman
O43: Let me find you and the song (forever) between us - Eloise Klein Healy
O44: And I said Venice and you heard Vegas / But now I say either way, let’s go - Ani DiFranco

NSFW and Kink
B8: Lingerie, I16: Loyalty Kink, G31: Vanilla, O37: Oral Sex

B9: Elf/Hobbit, I16: Textual Ghosts, G31: Human/Ainu, O37: Dwarf/Hobbit

Rare Characters
B5: Tatië, I17: Finduilas of Dol Amroth, N22: Smeagol's Grandmother, G33: Aerin, O43: Eilinel

Rec and Review
B9: Is by your favourite author, I17: Is hosted outside the SWG, G31: Is by an author you haven't read before, O41: Features your OTP

Third Age Locations
B9: Dorwinion, I17: Ered Luin, G32: Lothlórien, O37: The Lonely Mountain

Thank you all for playing! If you have achieved Bingo with all or any of these cards, please email us at to claim your win. Congratulations!

How to Play

Welcome to Tolkien Femslash Bingo!

  1. Tolkien Femslash Bingo will run from July 15 - July 24 as a joint event between The Silmarillion Writers' Guild and Silmladylove on tumblr, and is open to all parts of the Tolkien fandom. As this is a femslash event, all responses must be femslash, that is, contain (a) romantic and/or sexual relationship(s) between female Tolkien characters or original female characters as a central element. The focus is meant to be on the women of Middle-earth, so fanworks focusing on "rule 63'd"/"genderbent"/"genderswapped" male characters or pairings will not be counted as responses (characters of indeterminate gender such as Elemmírë or Malbeth are permitted as long as they are written as female). While some challenges demand a particular format, otherwise, what constitutes an appropriate response is up to you.
  2. Begin by picking your Bingo cards! You may claim as few or as many as you like, and may claim more at any point of the event. More cards do of course increase the chance of getting a Bingo! You are welcome to upload them to your own online space.

    The cards are available on the SWG, and if you would rather work with text-based cards, you can also check our prompt spreadsheet.
  3. Each day of Tolkien Femslash Week, we will post two Bingo numbers on SWG and SLL. If they correspond to prompts on your card(s), you have two days to create a response and post it (or evidence of a work in progress if you expect it to take longer to finish) to the Silmarillion Writers' Guild archive under the Tolkien Femslash Week Bingo challenge, the SWG satellite groups on LiveJournal or Dreamwidth (for Silmfic; see how the SWG defines Silmfic), the Silmladylove collection on AO3 or the #tolkien femslash week tag on tumblr (for any Tolkien canon fanwork). You are welcome to combine prompts with the numbers of the day from different cards, or create individual fanworks for each. If a prompt does not appeal to you, you do not have to create a fanwork for it.
  4. To mark prompts you have filled on your card(s), we've created a stamp for you. If you need help stamping your card(s), please contact us either at or by sending an ask to Silmladylove or the SWG tumblr. If you contact us, please include the BINGO numbers and card(s) you need stamps on. Once you collect five stamps in a row (vertical, horizontal or diagonal), you have achieved Bingo and win the game. If no one has reached a Bingo by the end of Tolkien Femslash Week, we will continue drawing numbers until that is the case. Banners will be available for winners and participants when the event is over.
  5. If you post your written responses outside the main SWG archive, please use this header:

    Card and Prompt:
    Rating, Warnings:
    Author's Notes: (optional)
    I would like this story to be included in the SWG's August Newsletter: Yes/No

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Bingo Cards

For a text-based spreadsheet of cards and prompts, click here.

Cards are alphabetized by title. Click the [view] link to view the card.


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