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Claim Your BINGO Cards

You may claim as many cards as you want. Claim just one or claim them all! You may also send as many requests for cards as you'd like. Keep checking back, as we will continue adding new cards until the 1st of March. We will contact you once we process your requests; if you don't hear from us in two days, please feel free to query.

The cards below are available as images and therefore aren't "visible" to screen readers. Click here to view the cards in plain text only.

With the event over, we have taken the form to claim cards offline. Of course you can play as often with these cards you'd like. If you have questions still, do contact us at:

Here are the Bingo cards of the B2MEM 2012-event. Cards are alphabetized by title. Click the [view] link to view the card.


All Creatures, Foul and Fair

All OCs, All the Time

Alternate Viewpoints

Archery in Arda

Artifacts and Weapons

Art Supplies

Aspects of Aragorn

The AU Card

AU: Who Lives and Who Dies?

"Beachy" and "Coastly"


Book Title


Canon Couples

Cause of Death


Controversial Topics


Crack Pairings 1

Crack Pairings 2

Crossover 1

Crossover 2

Deep Thoughts

Diners' Club (Food & Eating)

Discoveries and Inventions

Draw a Tolkien Character (art)

Dwarves of the First Age


Eligible Bachelor Baggins

Elven Realms


Evil Villians and Monsters

Facets of Faramir

Favorite Couples



Festivals and Celebrations

Finrod: The Quarter-Blood Prince

First Lines

Five Books, Five Characters


Food and Drink of Middle-earth

Forth Eorlingas!

Four Words (drabble)

Games People Play

Genre 1

Genre 2

Geography of The Silmarillion

Gondorian History

Here We Come A-Caroling




In a Manner of Speaking

Injuries and Other Ailments


Languages of Arda

Last Lines

Let's Get Meta!

Life Events

Love in Middle-earth

Magic and Real

Maglor in History 1

Maglor in History 2

March 3019, T.A.

Mirkwood's Favorite Son

Mirkwood the Great


Off the Map's Edge

Of The Sea

Poetic Forms (poetry)

Poetic Language

Powers and Underpowers

Powers of the World

Quenya and Sindarin

Rangers of the North

Rare Characters


Review a Story (review)

Riddle Me Writerly

Roles and Names of Aragorn

Second Age

Scientific Achievement


Silmarillion Fanon

The Silmarillion vs. Harry Potter Character Matches


Snippets of Verse

Song Lyrics

Sons of Fëanor

The Steward and His Sons

Stewards Of Gondor

Talents and Skills


This Means War!

Tolkien's Trees

TVTropes of Tolkien


Weapons and Warfare


Winter Wonderland

Women of Arda

Women of The Silmarillion

Write What You Know