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The SWG Yellow Pages are a directory of online groups and websites that pertain to Tolkien and writing. We have established and maintain the SWG Yellow Pages as part of the Connectivity aspect of our group's Mission. We recognize that the SWG is a niche group that cannot possibly meet all of the needs of its diverse membership base. Therefore, through projects like the SWG Yellow Pages, we seek to help our members and guests connect to other groups within the larger Tolkien and writing communities.

Anyone may submit a group or site to the SWG Yellow Pages. Owners/moderators of a group may specify what they wish to have listed for summary and contact information. In the event that a group is submitted to the listing by someone other than the owner/moderator, the SWG loremasters will use information publicly available on the group's site to compile the summary and contact information. Whenever possible, summary information will be taken directly from the site so as to appear in the group's "own words" (versus those of our loremasters, who do their best to remain objective and have a tendency to be bland as a result). Owners/moderators may request at any time that this information be updated or the listing be deleted, but it is their responsibility to contact SWG with such information at

Groups listed in the Yellow Pages will have their group/website listed under each category for which the group is eligible and will be included in our alphabetical group index with the group's name, url, a summary of the group's purpose, and contact information, if available.

Guidelines for Submitting Your Group to the SWG Yellow Pages

Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your group for inclusion in the Yellow Pages. These guidelines have been devised to assure that the groups included in our Yellow Pages meet the mission and goals of SWG and will be of value to our members.

Other Terms of Use

In addition to the eligibility criteria above, contributors to the SWG Yellow Pages should be aware that:

Add or Edit a Group in the Yellow Pages

By submitting a group for inclusion in our listing, you are asserting that you have read and understand our guidelines listed above.

If you wish to update an existing Yellow Pages' entry, you need to only fill out the Site Name field and any fields where you'd like to update the information that we currently have on our site.

Please note that the Yellow Pages will not be automatically updated by submitting this form. Our volunteers will add or update your entry as soon as possible. If you wish to be notified when your entry is added or updated, please note this preference in the Comments field.

If you are submitting a new group, all of the fields in this section must be filled out or we may not be able to process your request.

Site Name:

Site URL:

Your Email (optional):
We will only use your email to contact you if we have any questions about the information that you've provided. This email address will not be made public on the site. If you are the group's owner, a moderator, or an administrator and wish to provide a contact email for your group, please use the Site Contact field below.

I am an owner, moderator, or administrator of this group.

Owners, moderators, and site admins only should fill out the fields in this section. All fields are optional; one of our volunteers will visit your site to gather any information that you do not provide.

Group Description:

Site Contact:
The Site Contact will be made public on our website. We will encrypt email addresses to reduce the ease with which they may be harvested by spambots. You may also provide a url that will direct visitors to a contact form or list of contacts on your site. If you do not want this information to be public on our site, please leave this field blank.