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A number of documents are written as part of the monthly newsletter or other SWG projects. We have collected them here in order to make them all available in one place. Because these references are produced under much stricter time constraints than the references in the main library, then it is usually not possible to follow the usual peer-review process. Please see our Reference Library Review Process for more information on how documents in our Reference section are reviewed.

Members who wish to regularly contribute to an existing periodical or who have an idea for a new periodical are encouraged to contact us at


A Sense of History


A Sense of History relates Tolkien's writings to our real-world history.

Character of the Month Biographies

Various Authors

Each month, SWG features a different character from The Silmarillion. For ease of reading and research, all Character of the Month biographies have been collected here.

History of Middle-earth Summaries

Dawn Felagund

The History of Middle-earth project is an ongoing attempt to summarize the entire book series and put together the many ideas, commentaries, and footnotes of the series into easy-to-follow summaries.

Linguistic Foolery

Darth Fingon

Linguistic Foolery answers frequently asked questions about Tolkien's languages.

Silmarillion Chapter Summaries

Dawn Felagund

Designed as a resource for leading readings of The Silmarillion, the chapter summaries are also a nice review for those returning to unfamiliar sections of the book or who would like guidance while reading it for the first time.