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Welcome to the SWG Reference Library!

The Reference section of our site is under constant development as we strive to provide a valuable resource for writers seeking answers to canon questions, advice and instruction on writing, and additional online groups to network with other writers and Tolkien fans. We are always open to suggestions and corrections in the event of misinformation.

While one of our goals is to provide a resource for information on canon, this site is not a substitute for Tolkien's original works, and any secondary source claiming to provide accurate canon information necessarily involves a degree of interpretation by its writer. We are taking care to provide exhaustive references on all of our work. Please use this site only as a starting point and guide and always check the original source material.

We invite you to check out References in the following areas of the site:

Essays. These essays have passed our review process for references. From Tolkien's canon to fan culture to ideas on writing, this section of the site hosts a range of references that we hope will be of value to SWG members and guests.

Periodicals. References in our Periodicals library are regularly updated for publication in our monthly newsletter and, in the interest of meeting deadlines, are not reviewed. In this section, we hope to provide constantly updated information on Tolkien's canon and encourage visitors to check back often!

SWG Yellow Pages. If you're looking for a group or site to meet your needs, check out the more than one hundred group listings in our Yellow Pages!

In addition to these references, the following pages may be of interest to visitors to our Reference Library.

Guidelines for submitting your work to the SWG Reference Library. We welcome library contributions from our members and guests! Please refer to this document for more information on what references we publish and how to send your work to us.

Becoming an SWG reference reader. Reference readers assist us in peer-reviewing submissions to the Reference Library. Any SWG member may become a reference reader. If you're interested in volunteering while learning more about Tolkien's canon, we encourage you to consider serving as a reference reader!

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